There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, without monetization

 We can make money from YouTube without monetizing YouTube.

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As you all know that monetization is made from YouTube but I will tell you many more ways to make money without monetization.

As you all know that monetization is made from YouTube but I will tell you many other ways to make money without monetization.

Earn money from YouTube monetization

To earn from YouTube, you must first meet the criteria of the YouTube channel. Which is one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time. After completing this, we first create our AdSense account to monetize our channel to earn money, then we have to send the channel for review to be part of the Google Partner Program to monetize our channel. Is. The Google Partner Program then checks our channel. Whether or not we are eligible to be part of their partner program. If we qualify, AIDS runs on our channel and then we earn money from AdSense.

Earn money from affiliate marketing on YouTube.

We can also make money by affiliate marketing on YouTube. Even if our channel is not approved by the YouTube Partner Program, that is, it is not monetized.

This is how we create affiliate accounts on any online website (Amazon, Alibaba, Bravo, or any other online store) by creating videos of all our products and in these videos this product. Explain all the features of and then you can make this video on YouTube channel and upload it on it. And then link to the product in the description of these videos. Explain in the video that Kahlink is present in the description.

If anyone likes your product they will buy it from your affiliate Ling then you are earning from it.

Because many online websites and stores pay commissions to affiliates. For example! You've made a video and that product is worth a hundred dollars. He is giving you 10% commission on your product. And with this video you get ten customers who buy your affiliate product and your earnings go up to $ 100. This will also help you to meet the criteria of the channel.

That way, you can make money from affiliate marketing, even without the monetized YouTube channel.

Earn money from product promotion.

If you own a product or company. And you want to increase your earnings. So you can sell your product on YouTube by giving details about your product, promoting and giving your contact number. For example. If you have a beauty product, you can make a video of it and upload it on the channel and tell all the details in it. This way your earnings can be increased and you can earn without monetize YouTube channel.

Earn money from e-commerce store promotions on YouTube.

Earned from paid promotion, Earn money through blogging.

If you have an eCommerce store and you want to enhance this color. So you can create your own channel using YouTube and create a video of your product on this channel. Explain all its features in this video and upload it. Like if you have a TV store, an electronic store, a book store or an accessories store.

  • You can also increase the revenue and traffic of your store through videos.

  • Second, you can also use YouTube AdWords to increase traffic and revenue through ads.

  • It doesn't matter if your channel is monetized or not. You can increase your income.

Earned from paid promotion.

You can also earn money from paid promotions. You can also do paid promotions by adjusting the money by contacting different companies, stores and applications according to your channel type which is your topic pay channel. The highest income is generated from paid promotion. With a few minutes of video you can earn a good amount of money.

Earn money through blogging.

If you know how to blog, you can earn this skill in different ways.

As you can see by creating a blogging channel on YouTube. And you can sell your skills and teach people to earn money. In this way people are earning good money. Here's how to put one together for use with YouTube.

Here are some ways you can make money. It doesn't matter if your channel is a Google Partner Program or not. There are many other ways to earn money from YouTube that we can all use to increase our income. Most Asians are earning only from monetization. What they don't know is that these different ways can increase income. So if you are worried about increasing your income then follow these tips and you will definitely increase your income. And also can use different methods.